What Table Data Permissions are required in NAV 2016 using the Electronic AP Payment.

Looking for the Table "Read" Permission required to create the individual PDF Remittance Advice files


  • cbmag33cbmag33 Member Posts: 3
    I cannot create individual PDF Remittance Advices to save unless it is a Super User. I have added many Table Data Read Permissions to the Permission Set. I get the ACH file but not the Remittance Advices.pdf
  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 467
    Remittance as in the NAVNO?
    Try giving your user SUPER permission and use the "Record session" function from permission set, that will give you an output of which object you need to give your uses permission to.
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  • cbmag33cbmag33 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for your input SanderDk. We have tried this, but it does not capture the permission. We know it is a Table Data "Read" but it is not capturing the Table. We have added all Tables from process. Still does not create the RA E-files. Thank you
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