Edit Blank Lines in Sales Quote Subform (95)

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I have tried to find a solution, but I didn't find the right Approach.

What I Need is to update the blank lines, witch will added by the Page 95.
The OnValidate trigger is not the right place to get the blank lines. Here I can only modify the user edited lines.
I guss it depends on the page Setting Multibleline and AutosplitKey.
Futher I found out, that the blank lines are added after the text lines to the database.

I have added a new field (parent line) in the table Sales Line (37).
Every time the User add new records to the table I will add autogererated informations to this new field.
This works only for the user edited lines, with the OnInsert Trigger of the Sales Line Table.

Where I can add this informations to the blank lines?

Line No. Type No. Desc. Parent Line (my field)
10000 Article desk My big cool Desk
20000 0
30000 Additional Tex Infos 10000

At the Moment I can only change Line 30000, but not 20000.

An other try was this:
OnInsert (Table 37):
SETRANGE("Line No.", 10001, 30000)

Until NEXT = 0
But here I get also only the line 30000.

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