Non-converted Value in G/L Register Report.

mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 66
I am trying to tackle a problem I was assigned to solve;

In BC when we create General Journals, we get an option to select a currency.
If we select a currency other than the LCY of the System, let's say, LCY of the System is set to GBP, and while creating a Gen. Journal I select USD.
After posting this Gen. Journal when we go see it in G/L Register list page, we can print a G/L Register report and the report shows the amount in the report's table that is converted from USD to GBP based on the conversion amount set in exch. rates.

I am required to show both amounts at line level of the report, amount in LCY that is converted and the non-converted amount the currency code of the General Journal so basically the amount user has input while creating the Gen. Journal as it is.

So I go see the tables involved in the whole process and the Gen. Journal Line table has Currency code, but G/L Register table does not maintain that.

I do not have the access to currency code of the document in G/L Register report.
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