NAV2009 - Classic Client User Permissions / Roles no longer work

All users seem to be able to access any area with write access no matter what permissions are in the permissions table for that user. These used to work.

Has anyone ever experienced this or have any ideas I ca try to fix the issue?


  • AKAK Member Posts: 226
    I bet somehow a record with object number 0 made it into a group which is assigned to all users.
  • kbroggelkbroggel Member Posts: 3
    Yes there were records with 0 for the object type table, form report, dataport, codeunit, and menusuite with both read as well as run permissions set.
    Some people suggest these records should be there and that the control should be using the table data object.
    I did look at cronus demo company and it had these records but with only "run" permission
  • AKAK Member Posts: 226
    The must be a 0-entry with write access for tables somewhere if they indeed have that right. Have you tried to filter for it?
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