Returning value when performing Odata operation(i'm using postman as test)

mo_xmo_x Member Posts: 49
is it possible to return a value when a page is consumed as odata?

i published a page as Odata with bunch of fields that can be used externally. The page creates a new customer, and it should return newly created customer number. However, the issues is that, when the action is perfomed, i get the query back as result. including the customer number. Is there a workaround, where only customer number can be returned, instead of all the listed fields?. This can be done using soap and codeunits, but Odata is required here.

NAV version is 2018 CU5.

I read about bound actions, but that requires version CU 10 and up. Can a function be called from outside with bound actions and send a return value?


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