How to deploy a my language to Dynamic BC150 Wave 2 that not support by Microsoft for countries yet?

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Hi all,
I installed a instance of BC150 (Dynamic 365 Business Central Wave 2 Released) on my server with Docker Container Installation and it run on.

Then, I have built Base Application from source code that exported from Docker Container with custom version and it included my custom translated XLF file "Base Application.en-US.xlf" (the target content are my language terms (not support by Microsoft yet) and target language ="en-US" is still default). However, I deployed this Base App and it is published and installed then it is not fired change on the UI of web browse.

In another case, I tried to replace target language to "fr-FR" and I keep my target content, then I rebuilt and re-deploy this (ít is ok) and then I select France language on Dropdown of menu My Settings and it show correct in France language but it's not my language terms.

So, how to deploy a language pack to BC150 that not support by Microsoft for countries yet?
(both On-Primes and Sandbox environment of On-Cloud)

Please, help me!
Thank you so much.


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