BC140 - bad performance of import via xmlport on SQL Azure (and very fast on local SQL Server)

JoshRingJoshRing Member Posts: 13
Hi there,

We are experiencing very bad performance of a xmlport that is used to import gen. ledger entries. The server and webclient (Business Central 140 - Spring release cu2) are running on a Azure VM, the dabase is on SQL Azure.

I've created some files with different sizes. A small file (50k) takes about 15 seconds to import. A bigger file (1 mb) runs for 15 minutes. The largest one (23mb) takes endlessly to process (we've aborted the import after it was running for over 30 hours already!). The system doesn't seem to hang, it's just busy doing things... slowly....

The biggest file is "done 'n dusted" within 3 minutes on one of the SQL Server instances in our own network. So running time seems to explode almost exponentially with the increase of file size. Processor and memory load on the Azure VM are normal, running the import only effects these numbers marginally.

Does anyone have a clue while this takes ages on SQL Azure and runs smoothly on our local SQL Server? Could it be just a setting setting on Azure that can speed up things?

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