Corrupted Excel File

rinagreenrinagreen Member Posts: 17
Dear community,

Please, suggest me on the issue I cannot resolve for a long time.

I have an Excel Template that should be filled in with data from a Sales Invoice. One sheet of the Template contains information about Service Lines of the Invoice, another one - about Salaries. If an Invoice doesn't contain either type of lines, the corresponding sheet should be removed. When saving the file after filling it and opening it from a local storage, Excel notifies that the file is corrupted and asks if I trust the resource which provided the file.

The problem is that this file potentially should go to Customer and it is not acceptable if a person opens it and sees such a suspicious message.

How can the 'repair works' be conducted on the Navision side before the file is sent.

Thank you!


  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 79
    This is a general message from Excel, warning you to only open files from a trusted source. Your customer can de-select the option to not get any warnings, but I would not suggest to do that. Your customer should trust you as a source, and then click away the warning.
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