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TTYTTY Member Posts: 3
hi, i have a question.
i am new to navision... just started to learn.
so here is my question...

i have a variable let say VariableK which is in text data type eg 5D.
and i have a table let say TableA and have a field name "B" which is in DateFormula data type

how can i assign the K into B? since the two fields are not in the same data type... is there any build in function that i can called to be used on this?

Table.A := VariableK.text <
how can i convert the VariableK into DateFormula data type?


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    jhoekjhoek Member Posts: 216
    I think you can use the EVALUATE function to assign string values to a date formula. Please refer to the on-line help for that function.
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    Jan Hoek
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    TTYTTY Member Posts: 3
    i got it. Thanks
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