Trated of extension dependencies in BC

ivancito86ivancito86 Member Posts: 18
Hi at all,

I have the next scenerio:

Extension 1 with version Name "Extension 1"
add a field in table customer

Extension 2 with version Name "Extension 2"
add a field in page customer list

Now, I need to modify the extension 1 adding one field more, but when I try to install newly from visual studio code, I get this error:

The Extension cannot be unpublished because it is required by the following apps: "Extension 1"

Somebody knows how can solving this problem?, of course, the example is very simple, but in my case, the hope of extension 1 is bigger than the example and include chages in tables, pages, codeunits...

Is it necesary unistall and unpublish the second extension in all scenarios?, what happend if the second extension is of third person and I haven't this extension?

Best regards.


  • NameykaTecmanNameykaTecman Member Posts: 1

    I am assuming "Extension 2" is dependant on "Extension 1" and you are trying to make changes and redeploy "Extension 2"

    You should be able to leave Extension 2 uninstalled but still published while installing the other extension.
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