ODATA - Request result sometimes in 400 error (with no body)

Hi guys,

we have a non dynamics nav server, which is sending data to an Australien NAV 2017 ODATA Web Service. The request is sent with a ruby application and with httpparty 0.16

Sometimes we don't receive the data on nav side and they getting are 400 error with empty body (~10 % of the request have this error). If they retry the same request again, then it will work. The retry is executed some seconds later.

We use digest auth (UserName) to login in NAV. The connection is also secured with SSL. Our NAV 2017 CU34 is hosted on Azure with windows server 2016.

We can not reproduce the issue with Postman (singe request or the runner functionality). We are receiving a lot of data >50.000 calls per day.

Does anybody has experience with this and can give a tipp?

Also we want to force NAV to produce log files for every Web service call. Maybe we can get more information about the problem then. We tried to create log files with wcf and edit the Server.exe.config, but we failed with that. We don't get a specific information about the web service calls.

I appreciate every hint or tipp. This topic causing us headache for more then two weeks.

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