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A user has just come to me describing a rather unusual problem. The Navision interface on his machine is acting weird. This is going to be hard to explain so bear with me...

When I hover over the horizontal line between rows in the left-hand margin in Navision or Excel, I expect to see the cursor change to the "row resize" cursor (for lack of any better term). When I hover my mouse in the left-hand margin not over a horizontal line between rows in Navision, I expect to see the normal cursor. When I use the "row resize" cursor in the left-hand margin, I expect the row height to change (makes sense, right?). When I use the normal cursor in the left-hand margin in Navision, I expect to highlight the entire row.

My user is not seeing this. His cursor stays as the "row resize" cursor no matter where it is positioned in the left-hand margin. I've seen Windows screw up and not refresh a cursor before, but the problem is not limited to just the display of the cursor. In effect, he cannot highlight the entire row from the left-hand margin, he can only resize lines, regardless of where he places his cursor.

This effect is not limited to just the row resizing. Whenever he has a cell in a row displaying a Lookup or Drilldown arrow, he tries to place his cursor over the arrow to activate the Lookup or Drilldown and instead he gets the cursor changing into the "column resize" cursor and the column tries to resize.

This is just freaking us out a bit and we are curious if anyone else has ever experienced this. We're in the process of switching to use a different mouse and we are going to update the mouse driver, but this user's machine has been in functioning over a year in its current configuration, so I highly doubt this will affect the problem.

All suggestions welcome!
Kristopher Webb
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    buy a new mouse? reinstall mouse drivers?

    I don't think this is a Navision problem, unless your user is using some kind of exotic pointing device. Even then I'd say get the latest drivers.
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    Try this, supposing it's a Windows XP machine (maybe it also works for other versions but I'm not sure):
    1) Download and install the Tweak UI PowerToy from Microsoft;
    2) Run Tweak UI and navigate to the Mouse tab;
    3) Under Mouse Sensitivity options, decrease the Drag setting.
    I have mine at 5, if I bump it up to 8 I get the same behaviour as you describe. This must be dependent on display resolution settings so play around with the setting until it "feels right".

    This is not really a Navision problem, it's a Windows thingy. :roll:
    Nelson Alberto
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