summarized Remaining Quantity differs "sometimes" from summarized Quantity in Item Ledger Entry

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Hi all,

Using CU23 of Dynamics NAV 2017 I have come across the problem, which I couldn't reproduce even with the Item No. that has got the problem with Item Ledger Entry.

The problem is, that in some unidentified cases, the Remaining Quantity seems to differ from Quantity, when summarized and so the items with this problem are throwing error, when inside a Shipment or Invoice document and the user tries to post the document.

I have written a short SQL script, just to double-check which Items are having this problem, and this shows a low count of different items, where the Quantity differs from Remaining Quantity. We are talking about a live company with over 45 000 records in Item table (!!!), and the result displays at the moment 8 different items, but still it is unclear, how this can happen.
SELECT SUM([Quantity]) as Quantity,SUM([Remaining Quantity]) as [Remaining Quantity],[Location Code],[Item No_]
  FROM [dbo].[Cronus$Item Ledger Entry]
  group by [Location Code],[Item No_]
  SUM([Quantity])<>SUM([Remaining Quantity])
  order by [Location Code],[Item No_]

I have gone through all the Where-Used information regarding Remaining Quantity, I have created flow-charts and call-stack graphs regarding the complete item ledger entry creation and modification process, checked customizations and standard code as well, checked available cumulative updates also, have discussed this story with senior consultants, but no answer, so I am turning to this Community, in hope of a usefull answer to be received.

How come, this can be happening? How to avoid it? If there is a hotfix or cumulative update fix for this, please let me know!

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

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