Retrieve Dot net Dll parameter in Nav.

Hi Everyone,

[I want to check dll response in nav]
I created one Dot net dll and installed in nav, I am able to get that dll in nav ie i am able to create a dot net variable with created dll type(CaptureStripe.CapturePayment). The dll file had created with one parameter "TransactionId". This "TransactionId" parameter, I want to get in nav. How can i get this in Nav. "TransactionId" field is present in Sales header table also.

I am trying the below code:(In codeunit: Stripe-dotnet variable )

IF Salesheader."Transaction Id" = 'ch_664hyvBOygfeifjhdkshdsjj74' THEN
MESSAGE('Not Available TransactionId');

In dll parameter "TransactionId", we passed message: pass and fail.Please guide how can i get the above requirement and what i am doing wrong. Please guide me.

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