Release Wave 2 sandbox - cannot connect

Maria-SMaria-S Member Posts: 90
Hi Experts,

I have create the new project from template.
When I hit F5 it asks me which sandbox version I want to connect, I select "4.0 Release Wave 2. "

It tries to download symbols but cannot.

I can connect when I create another project and select "3.0 Spring Update"

It seems I do not have enough rights for this, should I do something special?

Thank you in advance!



  • nav_studentnav_student Member Posts: 175
    Did you try to clear the Credentials cache?

    Visual Studio Code
    - View > Command Palette
    - Search for AL: Clear credentials Cache
  • Maria-SMaria-S Member Posts: 90
    Hi nav_student,

    My credentials are correct and I tried to clear the cache anyway, but did not help.
    So you have access to Release Wave 2?
    Can I ask you whether you work for partner of for end customer? I suspect this may be the difference.
  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 715
    Use runtime 4.0
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  • Maria-SMaria-S Member Posts: 90
    Hi Juhl, I used runtime 4.0 prveiously, it did not work.
    But now when I check again, the new project suddenly is able to connect.
    Thank you anyway!
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