Cannot Sync migrating from BC14 to BC15

alemariusalemarius Posts: 5Member
I have database in BC14 CU3. The database is synchronized and runs with no issues, single tenant. I am migrating to BC15 (wave2) and following guide

After converting database and had published NavApps, (checked if they are published - they are), try to Sync database and get error that all tables will be deleted.
  1. Sync-NAVTenant : The schema synchronization may result in deleted data. The following destructive changes were detected:
  2. Table: 3, Payment Terms: Deleted
  3. Table: 4, Currency: Deleted
  4. Table: 5, Finance Charge Terms: Deleted
  5. Table: 6, Customer Price Group: Deleted
  6. Table: 7, Standard Text: Deleted.............
  7. ..........

I have tried upgrading database to CU5
Opened with CU5 - did not help
Overwrote CU5 objects - did not help

Should I force sync? that would result in data lost, or is it how its managed now?

Thank you for your help


  • krikikriki Posts: 8,857Member, Moderator
    The package that page is referring to is the W1 package. Search for all .app packages on the DVD (or in Docker) and you will find what the one for your country. For the UK, the package is not signed so you also might get that warning.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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  • alemariusalemarius Posts: 5Member
    Thank you kriki for your reply, but it does not solve the issue.
    I am installing with BE localization, the versions are -Version 15.0.36560.36649

    Installing all system, Base App, system App from DVD
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