Passing multiple parameters to Job Queue Entry

mr2magicmr2magic Posts: 4Member
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Hi all.

i'm struggling with the job queue parameters in NAV2018. I need to pass two values. One is an String, the other a bool 'true'. Can someone be so kind as to point me in the right directio how to a) pass more than one parameter at a time and b) pass a bool value.

Thanks for any help



  • da_nealda_neal Posts: 72Member
    Use XML(JSON) as Parameter
  • mr2magicmr2magic Posts: 4Member
    Thank you for your input. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on that? I am not a developer :-)
  • alemariusalemarius Posts: 5Member
    Well, first make sure what parameters the Report/Codeunit you are running accepts and how he manages it. If it does not, you cannot add it without some developing.
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