Peek() and Receive() from BC to messagequeue raise time-out warnings in event log

JoshRingJoshRing Member Posts: 13
Hi there,

We have a Business Central (version 14 on prem) service tier running as a NAS, which is polling a local private message queue every now and then. We use dotnet variables to achieve this (methods messagequeue.peek and messagequeue.receive). All is working fine: no errors in Business Central, messages are read from the queue nicely.

However, checking the event log on the server I notice it is filling up with the following warning on every peek: 'Messagequeue Exception Timeout for the requested operation has expired'. I noticed the warnings only appear when the queue is empty. It's polluting the event log massively.

Is there a way to disable these kind of warnings from within the code in BC? My first guess is that a try/catch does not work, since the debugger does not even pick them up (as it's a warning, not an error). If that's not possible, is there another way to prevent these warnings from showing up in the event log? Maybe a setting on the server itself?

Thanks in advance!

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