NAV Server Configuration on Cloud

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Dear Sir,

The NAV Server is on Cloud (Public IP and it is under a domain controller ('domain' name is MyDomain). The same is configured with Windows Credential. The MyDomain\Navuser1 is a domain user (Password is [email protected]) to login & access the NAV Server as well as NAV Database. And It's working.

Now I want to access the NAV Server database from my local PC (local pc is under WORKGROUP).

What I have done to connect NAV Server is as follows....
I have changed the "ClientServicesCredentialType" to "UserName" , "Server" value" to Public IP etc in the ClientUserSettings file of the local PC, and tried to login thru the MyDomain\Navuser1 & Password [email protected] but I can't login into the database.

How to Solve this issue ?
Kindly reply.

Thank you,
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