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sathishmadhavsathishmadhav LagosMember Posts: 71
Hi all

For item with warranty we maintain on 2 SKU's, 1 for good and other for damage.
Sales order always posted with good SKU.

If customer return the item as defective, we do post sales return order with copy document of posted sales invoice of same customer. Means good SKU inventory is mixed with damaged items. Sales return order do not allow to select damage SKU since respective sales order posted on different SKU,

What could be a possible solution, please suggest your views.

Item inventory can be adjustment with Item journal but on internal policy grounds we cannot post item journals.



  • Genie_CetasGenie_Cetas Member Posts: 3
    Normally the damaged/defected inventories are kept in a separate location (may be a virtual) with the same SKU. If this doesn't work for you, can you not use assembly order to consume damage SKU or produce correct SKU? Of course, this is not a right fitment but if your company policies doesn't allow stock adjustments, this could be helpful to you.
  • sathishmadhavsathishmadhav LagosMember Posts: 71
    Thanks Cates for your reply,
    Keeping damage SKU in different location do not make impact on stock on hand or G/L, therefore once again land at adjustment entries for actuals.

    Can you please give some additional input on BOM setup / assembly order process, so that I can explore if it works.

    Also adding to my original question, all sales return quantities are sent to item principle item supplier and we get a free replacement for the same, therefore when sales return happened, moving good quantities to bad item SKU is critical.

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