Import from a datafile fails: extension not synchronized...

NAVAaronNAVAaron Member Posts: 6
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but the given extension is nowhere to be found (either in source DB or in target DB)

DB1: (Client Version: BC 13.0.24623.0): Export to datafile
DB2: local Dockerimage (Client Version: BC 13.0.24623.0)

Import in local Dockerimage fails with the following Message:


Cannot import the data because the specified file contains the following extension that has not been synchronized to the database: name=DEV, publisher=Default publisher, version=

In DB1 i don't get an app called "DEV" with "Get-NavAppInfo" (and of course also not visible in "Extension Management" in the client)
"sync-navapp" also fails with "No published Extension matches the given parameters"

Is there something i miss? Can i find Extensions that were once published but have somehow left traces? To be clear: I don't know if there was ever such an extension installed... I'm just guessing here.


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