Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC Word report number format

nelkasovnelkasov Member Posts: 2
Currently I am using Microsoft Dynamics BC on premise for school projects. There we create customized Word reports for invoices, offers etc. The issue I have is that number-values like amount, discount or VAT have wrong format on the final PDF

This is how the field looks like in Word edit mode I tried several options in Word but there is not much since it I only have Text or Rich-Text format to choose. I tried both and formatting is not available

When I run standard reports numbers are fine

Any suggestions?


  • midegomidego Apeldoorn, The NetherlandsMember Posts: 44
    Do you have access to the Report Builder? If yes, open it, right-click the field and set the number properties on how you want it to show.
  • nelkasovnelkasov Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the answer midego. The point is that I actually (try to) use Word reports and the field itself is already set to decimal.
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