why transfer order same ship and receive date

When our users receive a transfer order, the receipt date is taking same date as shipment date.suppose it is shipped on 12.04.2019 and I am receiving on 16.10.2019, it is showing receipt date also 12.04.2019 not the day,16.10.2019,i.e., of actual receiving. please help how to correct it...


  • mucamuca Member Posts: 42
    Not know which navision version You use
    Both dates You can change, because when You create new transfer order then (You're right) both dates are the same (12.04.2019).
    When shipment is posted (complete or partially) You need to reopen this transfer order, in tab [Transfer-to] change Receipt date (16.10.2019) and post receipt ;o)
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 955
    Without testing i'd assume the settings done at locations (outbound, inbound) and shipping agents are taken into account.
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