optimizing tables using an automatic procedure

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hi there
we run into a little problem here regarding performance.

we have a customer in retail industry and we had to setup something like 95 or more native navision attain databases. one for each store, that is. version 3.6 for now.

after a few months in production and probably because we are using data director from landsteinar to send data from one database to another, the use of specific tables, in fact customer and items tables, became very, very time consuming, although the tabels are not extremelly large by navision standards (something like 100-200 Mb)

we've found out that using the OPTIMIZE function from database information/tables/optimize on regular basis we can dramatically improve performance.

the issue is that we cannot expect our customer it support team to open in every given day ALL the 95 (and still counting) databases in order to optimize the tables and we hope that there is a way of automating or scheduling this procedure.

i hope i gave enough details, please help me solve this.
thank you in advance


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    Have a look at this tool from ExpandIT: http://www.expandit.com/templates/expan ... log_id=637
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    yes, this application seems to do exactlly what i need, but i'm sure that the issue of licence cost will be unsolvable since

    " When you receive your ExpandIT License file it gives you as legal entity the right to install and use one (1) instance of the software."

    and, because i need to maintain not one, but one hundred databases, the total cost of the licences will probably be sky high.

    anyway, the good news it's that it can be done and, therefore, will shall look further into this subject.

    thank you for your quick reply. it was very usefull.
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