[SOLVED] Register Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal with Qty. (Phys. Inventory) = 0

NAVAaronNAVAaron Member Posts: 7
edited 2019-10-16 in NAV Three Tier

I try to register Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal Lines where a line has an item that has not been found at the calculated Bin. So i leave the Qty. (Phys. Inventory) at 0 and try to post.
However I get the Message:

"Quantity (Base) available must not be less than 8 in Bin Content...."

So how am I supposed to enter Lines that have been counted (found) to be 0?



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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    Has there been any transactions on the item/bin after the journal has been generated? There might be a lower qty. on the bin at the time of posting the journal.
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    NAVAaronNAVAaron Member Posts: 7
    No, not that i know of. I will try in a Cronus DB and report back. What is still possible is to post any Qty lower than mentioned in the ERROR, but not 0.

    BTW: DB im using is NAV2018 or BC14.1, both act the same.
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    NAVAaronNAVAaron Member Posts: 7
    I have to correct my statement:
    I hadn't tested the same process in the two Databases, which led me to the problem:
    In my NAV2018 DB there was still a put-away with qty 1 for this bin -> so this qty could not be posted.

    So the answer to my initial question is:
    It IS possible to post 0 quantities, as long as there are no reservations or other processes that block this qty.

    Only way i found to check what blocks the qty is: go to Bin Content via Search and look at all the flowfields (Journal->Navigate->Bin Content does NOT show the necessary Flowfields)
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