Can we upgrade NAV 2013 R2 LS Retail DB to BC LS Retail Spring Release ?

Can we upgrade NAV 2013 R2 LS Retail DB to BC LS Retail Spring Release, by upgrading the DB to NAV 2015 + LS Retail and from there taking it to BC + LS Retail. Kindly Suggest. I am unable to upgrade to NAV 2018 CU2.


  • Ashish0703Ashish0703 Posts: 7Member
    Hello everyone, any suggestion would be appreciated.
  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 100Member
    Hi Ashish,
    Your software vendor for LS Retail should be able to answer this question.
  • Ashish0703Ashish0703 Posts: 7Member
    Hi RemkoD, Just want to know if its the right approach?
  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 100Member
    Ah oké. I still think it would be the best approach to contact the software vendor about the recommended migration path. LS Retail could have a different supported migration path than the standard supported migration path by Microsoft or they could have additional steps for the migration.

    I’m not an expert on this. Assuming the migration path from LS Retail and Microsoft are the same I expect that the migration issues you are facing will occur at some point during the migration to BC spring release anyway. For standard NAV a migration from 2013 R2 to NAV 2018 is supported. In that case I would focus on the issues you’ve in the current test migration and not work around the issue by migration to NAV 2015.
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