Report designer converts cm to pt

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I'm doing a conversion from NAV2017 (Cu11) to NAV BC (140 - CU5). As we are NOT going to extensions I need to merge our modifications into the new version. The biggest issue is (as always) the reports.
Now I'm having a really annoying issue: whenever I change the width of a column from e.g. 50 points to 2,5cm, save the report, and then reopen the designer, the width is again displayed in (70) points.
It seems that all widths are now displayed in points, height is in cm, and other values in inches.
Visual studio community 2017 is used to design the RDLC. Report Builder has the same issue.

Is it possible to change this behaviour so the report is in cm and not in points? In the report properties 'cm' is selected, and changing this to inches and back to cm doesn't help. When merging some reports give +2000 differences only due to unit differences, so this becomes an impossible task.

Thx in advance,
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