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sathishmadhavsathishmadhav LagosMember Posts: 71
Hi All

While selecting serial numbers in item tracking, system is automatically selecting serial numbers from top and updating "Selected Quantity" field with 1.

System selected serial numbers does not match with physical serial number always, therefore every time i have to zero "selected Quantity" field and select exact serial number that matching with physical number.

How do i stop automatic selection? Please suggest.



  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 956
    I guess that's some customization, or else item tracking has been assigned manually in a related line (i.e.) Order specific manufacturing or some warehouse document line and it's source document line.

    Usually you will have to click Assign Serial No. in the menu ribbon in order to auto-assign.
  • sathishmadhavsathishmadhav LagosMember Posts: 71
    Thank you Vaprog for your reply.

    identified the issue, these is some customized in "Item tracking summary" page.

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