Converting C/al to al code?

mdsrmdsr Member Posts: 163
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Hi all ,
I need some regrinding Conversion C/al code in AL code for eg:
PurchaseQCLine."Item No." := PurchRecptLine."No.";
PurchaseQCLine.Description := PurchRecptLine.Description;
PurchaseQCLine.Quantity := PurchRecptLine.Quantity;
PurchaseQCLine."QC Accepted Qty":=PurchRecptLine.Quantity;
PurchaseQCLine."Location Code" := PurchRecptLine."Location Code";
Now Requirement is that I have to convert C/al->Al then create extension then deploy in business central i don't have any idea about business central as i have never worked before on business central before.please give some guidance its urgent.
thanks in advance


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