Automated Testing (Testtoolkit Test Assemblies)

mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 66
I have an on-prem version of Business Central Wave 2 installed directly on my Windows 10 enterprise machine (NOT a docker container) and want to start writing test apps.

Firstly there is not Testtoolkit folder in the DVD but rather a Test Assemblies folder in the DVD.

Secondly how may I import the Test Assemblies if that I what needs to be imported to start writing tests.

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!


  • Chris86Chris86 Member Posts: 5
    Generally you find it at the DVD under: Applications\TestFramework.
    There you will find TestLibraries and TestRunner.

    You can simple install and publish the app files using PowerShell
    Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance YourDynamicsNAVServer -Path ".\"
    Install-NAVApp -ServerInstance YourDynamicsNAVServer -Name "Extension"
  • mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 66
    Hello @Chris86 TestLibraries and TestRunner are .fob files for me not .app files. How do I go about importing the .fob file so I can start developing tests for my app.

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