Find out the different records from table

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Hi all,

How to identify the different records from one table?

Ex: I have a table 'posted records' .This table has parent and child records. For one doc no, the combination is a parent with Children, for another doc no ,it only has children

Can you please suggest me some steps to retrieve "Parent with Child data" records and the "Only child data" records separately.

Thanks in advance,


  • KlappspatenKlappspaten Member Posts: 22

    your given example is not that insightful, but for me it seems like you try to link the information 'record is parent/child' to a Document No. which is not a good idea since Document Nos. change with each posting.

    Could you please give a more specific example? Thanks.
  • Jacob1227Jacob1227 Member Posts: 122
    Hi Klappspaten,

    Thanks for your response.

    Please see this attached image.


    All of them have the same doc no. From here I want to get the 'parent with its own child' and 'another child data' separately

    Guide me, please.

  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 566
    Be inspired with Item Ledger Entry vs Vale Entry tables
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