BC Upgrade, Extension not Compatible

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I might be missing something obvious here...

I've got an Extension on Business Central (online only - not onprem). It's on app version 14.xxx It's trying to upgrade itself to v15.0.xxx, but the installed extensions are not compatible because MS have made breaking changes in the Fall release, so the upgrade fails (codeunits/functions used by the extension have been renamed by MS in V15.xxx).

I can easily create a new version of my extensions, compatible with V15.xxx, by changing the code to point to renamed codeunits etc.

But -

- I cant upgrade to v15.xxx with the existing extension in place
- I cannot deploy my new extensions (because it points to the new codeunits in V15 which arent there yet)
- I cannot remove the existing extension to let MS update to V15 (because I'll lose all the data in the extension)

So how do you allow BC to upgrade to a new version with breaking changes, when there are extensions in place?


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