Help an old man view standard BC code.

So, I'm finally admitting defeat and asking the community. I (like to think) I'm a fairly experienced NAV developer with 20+ years experience, so admitting defeat is hard. As is getting my head around all this new technology and methods of doing things which I've found easy for so long. I've even created this fancy new account so that people I know can't laugh at me! :D

So I've got a cloud based BC instance and I've managed to connect VSCode to it and even bang out an extension (albeit by following some very detailed instructions), but it worked, and that's cool!

But what I REALLY need to be able to do is to review the code in the standard objects. Why? Well...
1. I want to "know"....I want to learn, I just want to know what the standard code does and how it does it...what was the code doing before the publisher was triggered, what is the code going to do once it has run my code and the standard code takes back over, etc, etc.
2. I want my code to work in the same way as the standard code (written by the experts) works i.e. if I'm designing a new posting routine I want to base mine to work in the same way. I want to imitate.
3. I want to know the object numbers...if I'm naming my page and table extensions with the prefix of the standard object number, I want to see a list of standard objects so I can find the number!
4. Many other reasons which due to my advancing age I cannot remember, but I'm sure they were important.

Anyway, can I see the standard objects in VSCode or not? I'm assuming that if I do I'm going to need to jump through hoops, do something with a Git something or something....

I am...
Dazed and Confused ;)


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