Some Customer is breaking the line.

Hi Everyone,

I am exporting some fields of Customer record, using running report. But, For some Customer, records are breaking the line. I want that it should not break the line.
1, Mohan, City, 394839, selam
2, Sohan,
City,39834, Salem

here, the Customer no. 2 breaking the line.(In 100 line, approx 4 or 5 record are breaking the line)
What is the issue/reason, how can i avoid it. Please advice me.



  • navisionerinnavisionerin Member Posts: 129
    are they broken in the report? if so you would need to customise it and may be set the propertly of cangrow to 'no'. It might of happened because of not enough space to have the line on one row, hence why 2
  • JP_BagdonasJP_Bagdonas Member Posts: 18
    nav report ?

    Try going to Sohan's customer card, erasing all data on the field City with CTRL + A, then write it again manually.

    If it works then I guess someone copied over from internet some dodgy chars into your database.
    Maybe using notepad++ you can click on the "P" button (show all chars) and look for CR and LF.

    Try exporting the same data using SQL to compare the results.

    Just play around doing some tests and you will find the answer.
  • kenyokenyo Member Posts: 28
    edited 2019-09-27
    l_ASCII_Table := '!"#$%&()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>[email protected]'
     + 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~'
     + 'ÇüéâäàåçêëèïîìÄÅÉæÆôöòûùÿÖÜø£Ø×áíóúñѪº¿®½¼¡Á'
     + 'ÂÀ©¢¥ãÃ+¤ðÐÊËÈiÍÎÏ̯ÓßÔÒõÕµþÞÚÛÙýݯ´­§÷¸°¨·¹³²¦'
     + ' ';
    l_Text := TextContent;
    l_Text := DELCHR(TextContent,'=',DELCHR(TextContent,'=',l_ASCII_Table));
    this is how i delete control characters from fields
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