Connecting Flow with Business Central On-Prem

mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 49
I am trying to connect Business Central On-Prem (on my local machine where I do the development) with Flow.
I carefully followed all the steps mentioned in
However, at the stage where I have to put the
-Web Service URL

I get an error 'desktop-pjd3o2q' clientRequestId: b12f58f2-2bf8-4ed1-a56b

In the Web Service URL I am adding http://desktop-pjd3o2q:7048/BC140/ODataV4
In Username the DESKTOP-PJD3O2Q\John Doe
In Password the Web Service Access Key that belongs to this above specified user.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks a lot in advance for guiding.


  • JP_BagdonasJP_Bagdonas Member Posts: 18
    do you have Windows Authentication enabled ?

  • mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 49
    Yes, it is enabled. What I am thinking is, how would Microsoft Flow which is on cloud, know what DESKTOP-PJD3O2Q is. There has to be some connection link I am missing.
  • JP_BagdonasJP_Bagdonas Member Posts: 18
    I never used Flow before, if u want we can have a look together. If u share ur screen with me using Skype? Add me joao.bagdonas
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