Serial No.'s shipped out missing upon creating warehouse receipt.

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Is someone here encountered a very mysterious events in Navision
Where in the warehouse receipt from a Transfer Order, the serial of the Item magically disappeared, whilst the warehouse Shipment Picking went out fine?

we have a Transfer order for the transfer of item 1 from Location 1 to location 2,
we created a warehouse receipt for item 1 wherein we have to pick and assign each serial no. for Item 1
after the we post the Warehouse shipment
the Transfer line updated for Item 1.


The Qty. Shipped has been filled up with the actual Qty (for the serial no.) , then the (Qty. InTransit(Base)
based on the Qty. that has been shipped.
and the serial no.'s were assigned to the Item Tracking lines for the Shipment of Item no. 1

for the next part where in we have to create a warehouse Receipt.
so that the location 2 will now have a qty to receive.
in the standard flow.

we Release the Transfer Order,
Then Create Warehouse Receipt. eventually.

but then
when we navigate the item tracking lines for Item 1
the Serial No. that has been shipped out is not there.

this happens randomly, with this transactions.
we could not pin point when does this serial no. disappearance occur,
because when we try it on a separate transfer order with different / new serial no.'s it work's pretty well.


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    this issue requires debuggin, if you want i can fix it for you
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