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airamairam Member Posts: 88
Dear All,

I have a BC On-Prem Instance working fine with Windows credentials, both the windows and web clients. However, as soon as I change the credential type to NAVUserPassword, the web client gives me an error of Communication Protocol Mismatch, but the windows client works well.

I followed this blog and it seems I'm missing something in step 7 last point as in the web config file there isn't a key for authentication type. I changed the ClientServicesCredentialType in the navsettings.json file but to no avail.

any help is much appreciated.



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    SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 500
    Hi @airam,
    Do you want the windows client to work with windows credentials and the webclient to work with NavUserPassword? or do you want both client to work with NavUserPassword?
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    airamairam Member Posts: 88
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I want both working with NAVUserPassword for now, eventually will try out separate login types, in that case I need 2 separate instances right? but for the time being I need to get both clients working with NavUserPassword

    p.s. not sure if it makes a difference, but my environment is multitenant
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    airamairam Member Posts: 88
    any tips please? where else should I change the CredentialsType apart from the 'navsettings' and 'CustomSettings'
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    FiddiFiddi Member Posts: 46
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    First of all you need a Service- Tier that is configured to use NavUserPassword.
    Then you have to connect and configure your IIS- Nav- Webclient-Instance to use NAVUserPassword and to connect to the new Service- Tier.
    At last you may create new Users in NAV with NavUserPassword or set a password for the already created Windows- User. Then the Windows-Users can login with their "DOMAIN\UserName"- Windows- Username, and the assigned password.
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    AurSoftAurSoft Member Posts: 3
    Have you set a Business Central password for the account you're using?
    You need to set it before you change credentials type(from the users page).
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    airamairam Member Posts: 88
    Thanks for your feedback!

    I had already a service configured with NAVUserPassword and set an account with a password.

    I realised now that I had the DNS Identity missing from the navsettings file.

    It is now working, thanks for your replies!
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