Error while installing Business Central

Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
Hello , When i try to install BC i get the following error:

The service 'Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Server [BC130]' (MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$BC130) failed to start. This can be caused by one of several issues. For example, the password for the account that runs the service may be incorrect, or there could be a conflict in port sharing for the port settings for the service, or you have specified that the port for the server should be opened in the Windows firewall even though the Windows firewall is not enabled on the computer. For more information, see the event viewer.

Can anybody help me with that ??


  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 89Member
    Hi Cindy96,
    Did you find a more specific error in the Windows Event Viewer Application Log? This error basically tells you something went wrong but not what went wrong.
  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
    No i didnt actually. I will check.....
  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
    ERROR: Package Cronus Sample Database for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central failed with error. See detailed message above.
    ERROR: Package Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Server Components failed with error. See detailed message above.

    These two ?
  • RemkoDRemkoD Posts: 89Member
    Is that from the Event Viewer? I expect something like this:


    If you resolve the first error (Package Cronus Sample Database) you probably fix the second error too.

    Do you want to install a demo SQL environment too? Or do you already have a SQL Instance installed which you want to use for the Cronus demo database?
  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
    The error i sent is from the event viewer in instalation log of BC
  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
  • Cindy96Cindy96 Posts: 23Member
    The pic above comes from Event Viewer
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