Language problems in Ribbon -> worse in Business Central BC

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edited 2019-09-12 in NAV Three Tier
We are struggling with the non-standard menu ribbon. For the group names (which is shown below a group of buttons) in the RTC, the caption translations are not shown when it is not involving standard NAV ribbon menu's. This only for group names, the buttons themselves are ok.

See example here below: in green the standard NAV ribbon menu's which have a correct NLB/FRB/... translation (nieuw/beheren/etc.). In red the non standard ones, which are not being translated (still showing Release/Posting/...).

However the caption translations are foreseen in the database: e.g. page 43 of sales invoice. Going to page actions shows this:

This action has following caption translations.

Anyone has got the translations in different languages correct in a non-standard ribbon menu? Or is this a bug?

ps: in the RTC this is of minor importance, but in Business Central BC this gets really worse. Here is the group name of button groups of amjor importance, see below. After pressing the group names, one gets the possible buttons with their correct translations.
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