RapidStart Services - Table 9657 - Custom Report Selection

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I am getting an issue when trying to perform an import to table 9657 (Custom Report Selection).

We have started a project to ensure all our Customer Statements are emailed automatically on a periodic basis,
using a RDLC Template for the file and a Word template for the email body.

I used RapidStart services to export the schema (with 1 test entry), I did some excel manipulation and then had a list, ready to import back into the system, ensuring I took the AR email address as the 'Send Email' and all other fields correctly filled.

When I try to import, I get a simply error relating to the 'Sequence' field. This appears to be system assigned and I have tried leaving blank, 0, importing the blank values so it produces sequence numbers, reexport, excel and then reimport using the numbers the system generated and I always get the same error.

What is even stranger, is I have managed to get it working in a different test environment, but my process is unchanged.

I cannot figure out why I had a successful run (it did take a few errors to work) and why I cannot repeat the result again?

Is there any recommendation about how to insert rows to this table via Rapidstart?

Is there some recommended way of handling table inserts which contain 'Sequence' fields?

Kind Regards, Sahil
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