Test Reports doesn't work - Rows received allways 0

MarkusWeilandMarkusWeiland Posts: 11Member
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I have a strange issue with printing test reports. Sales Test Report (REP202).
If I start printing, the dialog remains in "Rows received: 0" and nothing happens. After a couple minutes, the RTC crashes.

EventViewer logs
Type: System.OutOfMemoryException
Message: <ii>Array dimensions exceeded supported range.</ii>

Posting works without error.
Also printing of an order confirmation.

What can be the problem?


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Posts: 284Member
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    As always with these kind of questions:

    1.) What's your NAV Version?
    2.) Did you modify the object?
    3.) Did you check CU Updates for any patches concerning the object in question?
    4.) Does the Eventlog/SQLLog say anything meaningful?
    5.) Is the Error reproducable or does it just happen occasionally?
    6.) Have you tried debugging the problem - like check if the OnAfterGetRecord of your main DataItem is actually called?

    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
  • MarkusWeilandMarkusWeiland Posts: 11Member
    edited 2019-09-12
    1.) 2018CU12
    2.) No.
    3.) No. But with Cronus in same Version it works.
    4.) In Eventlog just the System.OutOfMemoryException. Where can I find the SQLLog?
    5.) in any sales-document test-report
    6.) the latest trigger that I can debug is PageCounter - OnAfterGetRecord(). after that, the system hangs
  • Wisa123Wisa123 Posts: 284Member
    Hm, hard to say without actually seeing the report myself.
    Assuming you just filter to a single SalesHeader it's really hard to imagine that the report runs into a OutOfMemException if you did not screw with the Report or the RDLC.

    So since the Report works in Cronus, you either have some weird Data that screws up the report or there are some modifications to the report that you're not aware of.

    Just to be safe I would import a totally vanilla Report from a fresh NAV Installation and try with that.
    Other than that it's hard to give advice/help without actually having access.

    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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