ERROR in hybrid environment 'Symbol reference generation failed in application object'

Hi Everybody,

for the people who have issues regarding compiling objects in a hybrid environment (eg: NAV2018 C/AL & AL), and are getting the following error: 'Symbol reference generation failed in application object xxxxx, line xx, message Begin expected'.

This error happens due to the 'generatesymbolreference=yes' parameter in the finsql.exe.

Not that you need to remove this parameter, but it makes the Development interact with AL (symbols generation). And apparently in the XML port, there is a issue(bug) where C/AL doesn't complain about, but AL does. When I export my XML-port that is generating this error to text, I can see there is a trigger added to an 'element' line, that actually belongs to a 'field' line. This trigger is not visible in the XMLport Designer.


Maybe the Source Type of the Node was changed during development, at one time, but nevertheless, it is giving an error when you try to compile this object, with the generatesymbolreference turned on.

Fix is to delete the line, and add it again. :wink:
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