Using BC On prem Web Client with NAVUserPassword credentials

Dear Experts,

I have configured my demo environment to accept NAVUserPassword credentials by following the steps on the below link.

After following the above steps, the Windows client is working perfectly fine but the web client has stopped working. I am doing this exercise because I want to enable the Edit in Excel functionality in Business Central On Premise which is also a lot confusing for me, I read on one of the blogs that i need an azure subscription even for the on prem version of Business central which seems unnecessary to me. Your kink advise will be much appreciated in these two matters.

Thank you.


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    hi, did you manage to solve your issue please?

    I'm facing the same problem with NAVUserPassword, I followed the same link you shared but it seems I'm missing something in step 7 last point as in the web config file there isn't a key for authentication type. I changed the ClientServicesCredentialType in the navsettings.json file but to no avail.

    any help is much appreciated.

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