condition to hide table in ssrs?

mdsrmdsr Posts: 151Member
if field has value then only show table otherwise hide table is following code right?


  • AlexDenAlexDen Posts: 54Member
    vice versa, in ssrs you make condition for hidden property.

    tablix is hidden if:
    =IIf((Fields!DeliverdtoAdd_SalesHeader.Value='') OR IsNothing(Fields!DeliverdtoAdd_SalesHeader.Value),True,False)
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 913Member
    Yes is has always been a confusion on RDLS side, in RDLC side if you say FALSE means you want to execute because the IIF condition is failing and the opposite is TRUE.
  • Wisa123Wisa123 Posts: 284Member
    edited 2019-09-12
    As AlexDen mentioned I think the problem is in evaluating whether the String is actually String.Empty.

    I've seen some workarounds converting to String and then evaluating the Length of that
    =Iif(Len(CStr(Fieds!...)) = 0, True, False)

    maybe that's worth a shot if the problem still persists.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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