How to sync cloud BC extension?

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Hi All,
How to sync cloud BC extension?
I have an error, i cant upload my extension because of change field type from text become decimal
I have changed my AL Code become "schemaUpdateMode": "Recreate"
still cant upload my extension.
Deployment failed. Errors: App ID : XXXXXXXXX-2019-0009-0002-XXXXXXXXXX Message : { A request to the Data Plane Admin Service failed.
Http status code: BadRequest
  "code": "ExtensionChangeFailed",
  "message": "Table WYN Import Log :: Unsupported field change. Field:Invoice Date; Change:DataType
  "innerError": {
    "code": "SyncValidationFailed"
} } - Job Id : XXXa0e6e-200f-4126-a416-5e3f57eb77fa

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