VS Code Cannot Download Symbols

jimmyfjimmyf Posts: 80Member
I have successfully installed Business Central on my local machine. I have installed VS Code and am attempting to Download Symbols however this fails with the following errors..


I noticed that in the service configuration, the field "DeveloperServicedsEnabled" was not checked. I stopped the service, set it to True however now the service will no longer start! If If uncheck it and re start the service it starts fine however I cannot Connect to my server in VS Code.

Can anyone please help


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Posts: 284Member
    edited 2019-09-10

    1.) Version of your BC Installation?
    2.) Wild guess, you have another BC/NAV instance running on that machine -> Port conflict
    3.) Search https://github.com/microsoft/al/issues - lots of people had similar issues before.

    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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