Modifying Business Central/NAV APIs

I tried to read through the documentation but i am unclear on what the "API Setup" page does. i see a list on the Cronus database of Business central that has a few ITEM entries and a vendor entry. however, if i do a get on the API metadata i see a LOT of entries. Before i did that get request, i saw a button to 'integrate apis' which i assume built these.

my question: i am looking at the items api, but i do not need nearly that many fields to be returned. is there a way to modify what fields are returned? i tried to create my own config template of the item table with just two fields as a test, and then created my own API Setup entry.

I do not see the API i created in that list. i also checked the web services section for one i knew existed called "salesQuotes" but i cannot find where this is created, whether it's a web services entry in BC or an API Setup entry. it is in neither of those places as far as i can tell.
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