Run Webclient via External Program with Credential included.

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Hai all,

I'd like to create a small program (c# desktop program) that Would consume a BC web service. For that every user must logged in with their NAV credential for the web service connection would work. what I wan't is, after some activity is done on my program, the user would somehow trigger the program to run BC Webclient (on its default web browser). I know that we can run web client using URL, but I want that user won't need to enter user name and password again while accessing the webclient, instead, the credential they were provided on my little program would be used to log in to BC web client.



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    So in essence, you want to implement some sort of delegated login using the credentials in your self written program - if i understand correctly.

    Only way I could imagine this working is creating your own simple site using an IFrame of the BC Webclient and try to handle Authentication when the IFrame is loaded. This feels really, really hacky though.

    Check out this SO thread, maybe it gives you some ideas on how to fulfill your requirements:

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