Busines Central instalation problems

Cindy96Cindy96 Member Posts: 23
I have a problem while installing Busines Central which i cant seem to solve. Can anybody help me please?

The service 'Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Server [BC140]' (MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$BC140) failed to start.
This can be caused by one of several issues.
For example, the password for the account that runs the service may be incorrect,
or there could be a conflict in port sharing for the port settings for the service,
or you have specified that the port for the server should be opened in the Windows firewall even though the Windows firewall
is not enabled on the computer.
For more information, see the event viewer.


  • mdsrmdsr Member Posts: 163
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    If you any other version of nav such as 2016 that case problem arise use different port to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central this might help .
  • Cindy96Cindy96 Member Posts: 23
    I am sorry where can i check for help in this link ?
  • CrownyCrowny Member Posts: 1

    the Server has wrong credentials. To initialize them you have to delete the folder "MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$BC140"
    Harddrive: ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\140\Server\

    Than you can type your (e.g. your User-Credentials) Credentials into the "Service Account" of the Server and then it should work.

    Try it out.

    Greetz Crowny
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