Edit Matching Details of Bank Reconciliation.

basic0220basic0220 Posts: 40Member
Hi once again,

is someone here have modified the Bank Reconciliation "Match Automatically" button?
I mean,
The primary criteria for the Bank Recon in Standard is that it is based on the description and Statement amount of the Bank Reconciliation Line (or am I wrong, either way.)

this is because I need to Set a whole new matching criteria for the Bank Statement Lines & Bank Account Ledger Entry.
I already reviewed the MatchSingle(Function) in the Codeunit 1252.

and found out that the Description and applied amount is the primary condition in matching the bank statement lines.

and also for the function of the ShowMatchSummary(Function) in the Codeunit 1252.

is there a part here where can I edit it for the custom criteria in which.
bank reconciliation should match only the same Check No. in Bank Statement Lines and External Document No. in Bank Account Ledger Entries.

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